Gina Biagi


I became a member of ASOA in 1990.  Wow, that’s 25 years ago.  I guess you can say it’s my Anniversary too!  I have something to celebrate as well…  If it wasn’t for ASOA, I don’t know how I would have gained the knowledge needed to run my practice. 

When I began my career in Ophthalmology I had no experience in the field.  I was given the opportunity and I was determined to prove myself valuable and an asset to the practice.  But, what did I know about Ophthalmology?   No one was there to train me….I was on my own! 

I was so lucky to have been hired by a physician who believed in ASCRS and the newly formed ASOA.  I became a member of ASOA immediately.  I attended all of the national meetings,  you could say that I received most of my training from ASOA.  I went to as many courses I could and soaked up as much knowledge possible.  I read everything ASOA put out.  I purchased books from the ASOA bookstore.  I networked with fellow colleagues at the national meetings and I worked with my physician to set up a NJ network of ASOA Administrators who met monthly.  I was impressed and looked up to other Administrators who had so many years in the business…I learned a lot from them as well.  I was an Administrator in training…and I owe it to all to ASOA.

So 25 years later, I am still learning.  Still going to the meeting nationally and regionally.  I still network with NJ Administrators who are now good friends of mine.  ASOA has so many more programs to assist Administrators now..  The ListServ was born and has grown to be a great asset to all of us.  ASOA has so many more experts who can educate and guide us thru all of the regulations and requirements put upon us.  ASOA is a big voice for all of us, going to bat for us in Washington…as well as they keep up informed of the constant changes in the Healthcare world.

To sum it up…I have grown personally and professionals thru your support, tools and resources available to me.  You have fulfilled your mission and promise to the us, the Administrators! 

Happy Anniversary to ASOA and thank you for helping me to be the Administrator that I have grown to be!   

Gina L. Biagi
Eye Associates

Jenny Wheeler

What ASOA has meant to me.

I have been in the ophthalmology field for 24 years.  For the past ten of those years I have focused on management and administration.  Through ASOA I have established relationships with many fantastic colleagues.  This has opened up a network of individuals that I brainstorm with, problem solve, and share knowledge with. 

The ASOA learning center provided me with the ability to successfully pass my COE.  It was especially nice to work at my own pace through the sections and spend the amount of time needed for each area of study.  I studied in conjunction with John Pinots Little Green Book of Ophthalmology and, Accounting Handbook for Medical Practices.  The COE is a designation I am very proud of.  Because of this certification, I have a better understanding of how to benchmark, set budgets and set reasonable goals for the practice as well as a gained level of confidence in compliance.    I am in the learning center on a regular basis still today and definitely recommend this course to anyone who is going to take the test.  

The daily business digest are a great way to get quick answers to questions that may come up for coding, compliance or any subject that may be a challenge.  I often register for webinars and like that they are structured, run on time and have good information.  I have attended several of the ASOA annual meetings over the years.  There are always a great variety of classes to choose from.  The instructors have been excellent and it is a great time to meet with individuals in the field who face the same challenges that I do.  I absolutely love my career and I am happy to have such a great resource in ASOA.

Jenny Wheeler, BS COE COA
Eye Physicians & Surgeons of Arizona