Riva Asbell

ASOA – A Remembrance & Appreciation

ASOA and Lucy Santiago were the powers that were enabling forces my two successful careers – ophthalmic administrator and then founding my own business as an ophthalmic reimbursement consultant. No small part of ASOA’s success for many of us was the creative forces that Lucy manifested at all times, reaching out to all and enabling us to better ourselves professionally, thus exceling in our work and in ourselves. So the biggest kudos go to her and all of the members who supported ASOA and made the dream a reality.

Great friendships were established – ones that endure until today and ASOA was the primary force that established ophthalmic administrators as a force to contend with and be respected.  This continues to the present…an opportunity to give and an opportunity to receive.

In a way, it was and is like going back to college…you meet a lot of wonderful people who become friends and in the process provide support, education and good times.

Having been a member since almost the beginning I can wistfully look back at all of these things and say from my heart that without Lucy and ASOA I would have missed one of the best experiences that made my life so rich…with thanks and appreciation to all.

Congratulations ASOA on our 30th Anniversary!

Riva Lee Asbell
Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery (Ophthalmology)
University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School at Camden