Elaine Heffernan

What ASOA Means to Me?

I wish that words came easy but that is not always the case.  ASOA membership helped me return to healthcare management after an 8 year hiatus from role as Practice Administrator. I stepped outside my comfort zone and worked for a large Orthopaedic manufacturing company in their healthcare marketing department. When I returned to the ophthalmology practice I first started my climb to healthcare management in my doctors recommended that I join ASOA.  The doctors found their List serve a valuable tool for communication and ASOA provided me with the same scenario during the day when the doctors needed instant responses to their questions.  As anyone new to the role of Administrator or for that matter any position in healthcare, I needed day to day help. 

I would reach out to ASOA membership with questions ranging from H/R, Risk Management, Governance, Financial or just plain out and out help. What I received back was a chance to show my doctors that I had a way to secure the validation I needed for many areas that they had questions on.  ASOA kept me abreast of the changes needed to keep us on track with all of the government initiatives.  Often on Eye Mail a topic would come up that I hadn’t even thought about and needed to be addressed.  Those who know me often read my comment—“OK guys, I must have been asleep when this was discussed can you fill me in on it?”   If I was having personnel problems I could reach out for suggestions on how to handle it.  What I liked most is the willingness of everyone to share their own intellectual property so others did not have to reinvent the wheel.  Truth be told, who has the time to keep up with all of the government initiatives:  HIPAA, PQRS, VBM, CQM, MU Attestation, SGR and more.  Not only was I able to get assistance but to grow professionally in our organization, first on task force, than to a member of the editorial board for AE Administrative Eyecare, later the first chair of AE, AE Author, on to mentoring a new member  and finally 2015 ASOA Program Committee Member.  I encourage everyone to question, participate, volunteer for the rewards keep coming and the friends one makes are lifelong friends.

Elaine Heffernan, CMPE, CPC, CMSS
The Eye Care Center of New Jersey, PA