Angel Seymour

What ASOA means to me!

This is not a question to me, it’s a statement. ASOA means reliability which is a rarity in today’s world. ASOA gives me the ability to collaborate with my peers, across the board and across the country. From the benefits of EyeMail to Mentor Match, ASOA provides me with resources I use often while running our practice and consulting with others. ASOA provides me with comfort to know there are resources at my fingertips that will help me combat the challenges encounter almost daily and the opinions of hundreds of individuals sharing ideas, recommendation and their outcomes. Everyone willing to help anyone, there’s no motive it’s simply to see our industry succeed. Thank you ASOA it’s nice to know that so many others have my back, as I do theirs.

Angel Seymour, COO
Brian M. Brown, M.D., Inc.

Robin Buscemi

My Story Could Be Yours!

I began my career in Ophthalmology approximately 25 years ago. I was a young person who knew I wanted a better life for my family and knew my positions were not going to accomplish this.

In researching different choices in our market there was an Ophthalmologist who was performing Radial Keratotomy and seeking a manager to run his solo practice. Amazingly I landed the job and began learning an entirely new field, but with difficulty as I knew nothing about Ophthalmology.

My new boss who was a brilliant surgeon and business man quickly realized I needed more and gave me the opportunity in my first year to join ASOA. I didn’t know these organizations even existed. My first meeting was in Boston, a far cry from Tucson AZ. This was also my first business trip and although it was a bit intimidating I was excited he had the confidence I could succeed, with help.

In entering the meeting all attendees had an immediate connection. Some were seasoned and freely shared their stories of mistakes and triumphs, some had been in the field a few years and were refreshing their knowledge, and some as new as I just trying to sponge in every second they could from the educational classes, luncheons, and long nights reading and re-reading the documents we had received throughout the courses.

At the end of my 5 days I was spent but had a wealth of information to return with. I was exhilarated by the society and because of ASOA knew I was going to be a valuable person.

Now remember 25 years ago we had no communication networks, there was no tweeting, no Facebook, computers were still used for accounting and the internet was not used to find educational materials. BUT, ASOA has always been here, year after year to make this the best resource for all your needs.

Fast track to 2015! I have had two positions since what I call “THE BEGINNING”. My career has gone from a solo practitioner to currently administrating 6 doctors/physicians, 18 staff members, multi-city offices, owners of an ASC and optical boutiques.

 I am writing this as proof, one meeting a long time ago gave me the power to know I can accomplish anything! ASOA was and STILL is my one-stop shopping for information and networking. Even when I was unable to attend the annual meeting there has always been a bond through my membership with ASOA’s literature (AE Magazine), Resource Libraries, Washington Watch and the vast Bookstore. Of course I still prefer the annual meetings for revitalizing my enthusiasm.

To ASOA from one Thankful Member,

  • Continue to be the education that builds this field;
  • Continue to provide the bridge for professional relationships;
  • Know there is one more person entering this field who needs your help to make their life efficacious and respected.


Robin Buscemi, Administrator
Desert Eye Associates, Ltd. and Desert Eye Optical LLC
Tucson and Green Valley Arizona